See Gerald Henderson Spectacularly Bungle Trash-Talking DeAndre Jordan At The Free Throw Line

Turns out even just telling DeAndre Jordan you’re going to hit a free throw brings your percentage down. On Thursday night, the Clippers faced off against the Blazers and shooting guard Gerald Henderson decided to get his trash talk on early.

In the final minute of the first quarter, Gerald Henderson was at the stripe. After missing his first attempt, he told DeAndre “watch this” as if he was about to run a clinic on how to properly shoot from the charity stripe. Finally, someone was going to teach Jordan how to shoot a free throw.

Instead it bounced off the rim and Noah Vonleh fouled DeAndre while attempting to secure the rebound. Next thing you know, it’s the Clippers’ ball.

We all know DeAndre Jordan only shoots 42 percent at the line, and is at the forefront of the Hack-a-Shaq intentional fouling most of the NBA universe loathes as much as late whistles. His attempts at the line have turned into pure comedy.

But at least he tries to make up for it by being a threat around the rim on both sides of the ball. At this point, I doubt any comments about it get in his head. His head is already filled with angst at the prospect of his next trip to the line. Maybe Gerald will practice a few more reps before he trash talks anyone next.