Gerald Wallace Rises To Finish Alley-Oop On Marvin Williams

It was just three weeks ago that Boston Celtics forward Gerald Wallace showed us he still had something left in the tank. Tonight, he confirmed that “Crash” still exists somewhere in his creaky 32 year-old body.

Get out of the way, Marvin Williams! It’s safe to say that the Charlotte Hornets forward wouldn’t have jumped with Wallace even a half-decade ago. With Wallace in his fourteenth season and considering retirement come the summer, though, Williams severely underestimated his opponent’s explosion. We’re glad, too – if Crash is really going out after 2014-2015, he deserves throwback moments like this one.

In a matchup of teams fighting for their playoff lives, Boston leads Charlotte 56-44 at intermission. Making just his sixth appearance of March and 31st of the season, Wallace has two points, four rebounds, and two steals.

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