Giannis Joined In On Wes Matthews And Robin Lopez’s Pregame Wrestling Match

The Milwaukee Bucks are tied with the Lakers for the best record in the NBA at 21-3, having won 15 in a row behind another MVP-caliber start to the season from Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Despite some roster changes this summer, the Bucks continue to dominate in the regular season and don’t seem to have had any issues getting their chemistry right on or off the court with new pieces in place. Wesley Matthews, Robin Lopez, and Kyle Korver were the three main additions to this year’s team over the summer, with the biggest departure being Malcolm Brogdon heading to divisional foe Indiana.

How those changes will impact the Bucks come playoff time is the biggest question facing this team, as we now can solidly say they are going to be a regular season juggernaut once again. Until then, we can just enjoy watching them pick apart teams and have plenty of fun doing it. Lopez and Matthews in particular have made for fast friends, and sometimes have pregame wrestling matches in the tunnel to get themselves hyped up for the upcoming game.

Recently, Giannis has decided to get in on the fun, tag teaming with Matthews to beat up on Robin Lopez, showing off some solid wrasslin ability.

They’re obviously smart enough to do this in a fun and relatively safe way to avoid any disaster, but Robin does a pretty great job selling punches and kicks. Giannis’ superkick form is pretty solid, although he could work on his pinning form, and it appears Matthews signature move from these two videos is the safety frog splash, landing on his two feet before falling on Lopez.

The Bucks are clearly having a lot of fun with the start to their season, and getting their superstar involved in goofy stuff like this indicates the quality of their chemistry, even with the new guys.