Giannis Antetokounmpo Tells Us About Meeting Allen Iverson And His Meteoric Rise

04.04.17 2 years ago

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2017 might not be “the year of” Giannis Antetokounmpo, but it’s pretty dang close. The 22-year-old Milwaukee Bucks star was named to his first NBA All-Star Game in February, and for good measure, Antetokounmpo was voted in as a starter for the Eastern Conference. Beyond that, the “Greek Freak” is the best player on a Bucks team that appears to be playoff bound and Antetokounmpo is now headlining a major advertising campaign for the first time in his still-young career.

With a little help from Mountain Dew, Antetokounmpo played a bit of a prank on some of his unsuspecting fans in Milwaukee. In short, Antetokounmpo appears out of nowhere to stagger fans who are awaiting bus service in the city and he happily engages in conversation with them while spreading the cheer that comes with his bubbly and magnetic personality.

In conjunction with the campaign, we caught up with Giannis to discussing his burgeoning career, the way he is perceived and whether even he is surprised by what he can accomplish between the lines of an NBA floor.

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