The Greek Freak’s Soaring Slam Isn’t Close To The Best Highlight From EuroBasket’s First Day

Believe us, we’re as desperate for NBA action as you are. Fortunately training camps start in under a month. Still, September is crawling by. Don’t despair too much, though, because at least there’s the FIBA EuroBasket to give us a smattering of professional basketball during these down days for pro hoops. It may not be much, but it’s at least enough to tide us over until the real action starts. There are even real NBA players (current and former) participating in the event.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, Mario Hezonja and Rudy Fernandez all made the first day’s highlight reel. Rudy, specifically, pulled off the sort of flamboyant move that makes him a fan favorite, but not a very dependable NBA wing. Giannis was his typical dunking self, streaking down on the break, pulling in a slick no-look pass from Nick Calathes, then exploding to the rim for a sweet slam.

He even posed a little bit afterwards, making himself horizontal while hanging on the rim.

Hezonja, meanwhile, showed what he’s going to bring to the Orlando Magic all in one sequence: flair, handles and aggression. He swipes the ball from his opponent then takes off, crossing over another player on the break before launching himself at the rim.

It’s the kind of play, one filled with skill and swagger, that made Hezonja so enticing in the first place.

It may not be the NBA, but in these dead months, every bit of basketball helps.