GIF: Andrew Wiggins Hits Dee Brown-Esque Floater While Covering His Own Eyes

Andrew Wiggins is the answer to the future trivia question: who had the second-most points for Minney the night Mo Williams set a Timberwolves franchise scoring record with 52 points. Wiggins finished with 20 points on Mo’s record-setting night, but none of them were as spectacular as the one where he channeled former dunk champion, Dee Brown.

If you’re unfamiliar, Dee won the 1991 Dunk Contest* on a never-before-seen angled dunk where he put his forearm across his face as he leaned in to slam it home.

If you don’t remember the specific dunk, perhaps ? like one of our good buddies in Boston — you remember him pumping up his Reebok kicks before the competition began…

Anyway, Wiggins spun into the lane late against the Pacers and flipped in a challenging shot where he actually covered his entire face with his palm. It’s not the forearm like Dee, but it immediately reminded us of Dee’s dunk when we first saw it:

*some other contestants that night: a baby-faced Rex Chapman, Kenny Smith from “Inside the NBA,” and Shawn Kemp — who Dee defeated in the final round.

(Wiggins GIF via reddit/r/NBA)

What other blind shots can you remember falling?

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