GIF: Heat Bench Crazy Eyes LeBron After X-Mas Win

The Heat beat the Cavs on Christmas Day. The Cavs just aren’t that good; they fall asleep on defense, particularly in the paint, and they have a tendency to play isolation basketball late in games. Still, the Heat are no longer a title contender after LeBron James left to join the Cavs this summer, which is why the entire Heat bench was staring LeBron down towards the end of their 101-91 win.

Juwan Howard looks like a clown character from a childhood nightmare, and the smirk on Mario Chalmers‘ far is exactly what you’d expect of him in this situation, too:

The only guy not staring at LeBron is Chris Bosh. We doubt LeBron even notices, or if he does, we don’t think he’s losing much sleep over their collective glance. But Howard’s maniacal grin and ‘Rio’s wry smile are absolutely perfect.

(via @cjzero; H/T reddit)

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