Watch Two Kawhi Leonard Coast-To-Coast Jams

05.15.14 4 years ago
Tim Duncan, Kawhi Leonard

Tim Duncan, Kawhi Leonard (Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports)

Both of Kawhi Leonard‘s full-court jaunts occurred within a five-minute span in the third quarter of Game 5 last night, after Tony Parker headed to the locker room with a purse-lipped R.C. Buford trailing behind him. Kawhi came to the rescue though as the Spurs moved on to the Western Conference Finals

Here are Leonard’s coast-to-coast runs with the flush after picking Damian Lillard‘s pocket and intercepting a Nic Batum pass.

About the hand sign used as a celebration from the Spurs bench after Kawhi’s defense-to-offense…

We can only guess at its exegesis:

Someone posted a random encounter with Kawhi at the mall on reddit last month, calling him “Part Bear,” with a picture of Kawhi’s mitts and their friend’s hand:

Kawhi Leonard hand

Kawhi Leonard hand (photo. reddit username: bettercallsaul3)

She saw him and Corey (Joseph) shopping at the store she works at in Dallas. He was reserved at first so she was talking to Corey a lot until she asked him why he was so shy, then he said, “I’m not shy, I’m talking now aren’t I?” After that Kawhi opened up and was friendly.

Awww. We’re with Chuck and don’t really like Shaq‘s nickname for him last night on TNT: “Sugar K.”

From now on, we’re going wth either “Hands,” “Kawhi,” or “Part Bear.”

(GIFS via Marcus D)

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