GIF: Stephen Curry Is Dangerous The Moment He Crosses Half-Court

It’s become commonplace now to use hyperbole on Twitter to evoke whatever emotional reaction you’re experiencing while watching a sporting event. But in the case of Golden State’s baby-faced point guard, Stephen Curry, there’s no such thing as hyperbole. Any time he’s mentioned in the phrase, “Stephen Curry heat check” on Twitter, we immediately flip over to the Dubs game on League Pass. One deep three-pointer in Golden State’s game against the Nets on Wednesday night, shows why there’s no such thing as embellished rhetoric when it comes to Curry.

Curry dropped 34 points in Brooklyn, but the Nets eked out a close win, 102-98, despite Steph’s scoring. He was only 2-of-10 from deep, but holy hell this shot came all the way from Canarsie on the L-train. Steph turned the ball over seven times to match his seven dimes in Brooklyn too, so he’s got to shore up his decision-making with the ball a little bit. But the Dubs were one game away from making history on the road in Brooklyn on Wednesday, so it’s not like his turnover-prone play is a huge problem. As Adam Lauridsen wrote for the Bay Area News Group after the game:

Part of the reason Curry struggled to get open looks late in the game was because a worn-out [David] Lee had less success popping out for pick-and-roll situations. Curry was left to fend for himself against repeated traps by the Nets, so turnovers are nearly inevitable. It doesn’t excuse a very risky and ill-advised pass (or any of his other 7 turnovers), but the environment in which the turnovers occurred was largely a product of fatigue.

Plus, you can live with turnovers when you take into account Steph’s a threat to make a shot anywhere across half-court.

[GIF via Imgur]

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