Gilbert Arenas Tells The ‘Old’ Women 34 And Over To Stay Away From All-Star Weekend

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Gilbert Arenas, former All-Star and current garbage person, knows that NBA All-Star Weekend isn’t really about basketball, although that’s technically the reason everyone gets together every February. No, All-Star Weekend is about the parties, with the basketball as the secondary focus.

Arenas took to Instagram to offer up a public service announcement of sorts regarding All-Star Weekend. In extremely Arenas fashion, he crudely told women over the age of 34 to not go out at All-Star and to leave it to the younger generation of women to go out there and chase NBA players.

That Arenas would be extremely sexist and generally awful about this shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s pretty much his brand now on social media. He’s been incredibly misogynistic towards the WNBA, and then doubled down on that in the face of backlash rather than being in any way apologetic. He made jokes at the expense of the Flint, Michigan water crisis and, most recently, got pretty racist when discussing a group of guys that stopped to help him change a tire.

So, in summation, we shouldn’t be surprised that Arenas is trying to offer up advice to “old hoes” in a terrible manner. Few players have done a better job erasing good memories they created on the court with saying awful things off of it quite like Arenas.