Girl Mistakes Tall Man For Dwight Howard; Dwight Corrects Her On Instagram

02.12.14 5 years ago

Dwight Howard might annoy Lakers fans and Magic fans, and there’s a large segment of America with no allegiance to either team, but that still loathes his very existence. But Dwight is almost always affable to fans off the court, and never hesitates to sign an autograph or pose for a picture — like he’s doing in the photograph with a young fan in the photo above. A group of girls thought they had run into nice guy D-12 at the store earlier this week, describing him on Twitter as “nice, cool, HUMBLE and had us laughing too!!!” Turns out, it was an impostor.

Here is the girl and two of her friends with a man pretending to be Dwight Howard. He’s just a tall guy, but that was enough to cinch it for these girls. They must have never seen Dwight on television because this guy looks nothing like Howard except that he’s tall and an African-American.


Some on Twitter tried to point out the picture did not feature Dwight Howard. But the girls stood firm, convinced they had just met the real Rockets center.



One of the girls, still excited about her brief flash with athletic celebrity, posted her pic with the false Howard on Instagram. Dwight must have checked some of his replies (he’s been known to do that) because he gently let her know it wasn’t him in the comments. Turns out he was playing at the time. Plus, you know, that guy looks nothing like Howard, but he’s probably laughing his face off right now.

(via Fansided)

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