Giveaway Winner: Limited Edition Derrick Rose Jersey

05.10.10 9 years ago 7 Comments

We got some great answers for this one, and it let us reminisce about some of our more memorable covers: Dime #1’s iconic A.I. cover, LBJ biting bling, NBA Rookie of the Year Tyreke (in high school), Kobe, Amar’e and “the greatest cover that never ran.” But in the end, there was one answer that stood apart from the rest. It represents what we hope to incite in fans whenever we put out an issue, and we feel good knowing that the jersey is going to a true Derrick Rose and Dime fan:

Here’s what our winner Derrick wrote:

the derrick rose cover no doubt. i was hangin’ with my lil’ cousin one day, and he is from Chi-Town and he saw that cover and he absolutely went nuts. we were out to buy something for my mama (i forget what it was… food/ingredients maybe )and he was just wild’n out about the cover because he loves D-Rose. So long story short his Bday was coming up and i bought that magazine for him. he was sooo exicited! of course we got a head whuppin when i didnt return with what i was supposed to. but it was all worth it. good memories. if i win the shirt i’ll give it to him no doubt.

In case you didn’t tell us the first time, what’s your favorite Dime cover of all-time?

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