An Inside Look At How Glenn Robinson III Came From Out Of Nowhere To Win The Dunk Contest

Getty / Team Flight Brothers

The son of Glenn “Big Dog” Robinson had been overshadowed by his father’s success for most of his career. That is, until Saturday night happened. While the Dunk Competition wasn’t what many had anticipated, the story of Glenn Robinson III and his dunk contest win was more significant than many could’ve imagined.

Robinson III was the outright underdog and was not expected to do much in a dunk contest featuring the likes of last year’s runner-up (should’ve been winner) Aaron Gordon, YouTube phenom Derrick Jones Jr., and high-flying big man DeAndre Jordan. At one point, the four man dunk competition had Robinson at 15-1 (via Bovada) to win the contest, one of the biggest sleepers in recent memory.

But if you knew what Robinson and his team had up their sleeve, you’d be as confident as he was, and unsurprised by his shocking win.

“We had about six or seven confident dunks planned,” Robinson III told DIME. “I just wanted to put on a show and do something that NBA fans hadn’t seen in a dunk contest before. I was really confident going in, couldn’t wait to shock the world and show them what I’d been up to.”

About a month before the competition, Chuck Millan, founder of Team Flight Brothers, along with his team, were tasked with helping Robinson.

“I met Chuck three years ago when he was helping another one of our clients Terrence Ross,” Robinson’s agent Austin Brown says. “So when we found out Glenn was in the dunk competition, he was the first person I called. I think he’s the best at what he does and for a guy like Glenn who’s super athletic but hasn’t been in many dunk contests, Chuck was the perfect guy to help.”

They would spend 30-45 minutes about two times a week on Robinson’s form, dunk routine and getting Robinson acclimated to the art of dunking.