Some More Awesome Art Tracks The Golden State ‘WARRIORS’ Run To The NBA Title

The same artist who got engaged during the NBA Playoffs after composing some cool art representing the first two rounds of the 2015 NBA playoffs created more art as teams advanced, which her fiancé continued to share on Imgur.

She composed the Conference Finals and the NBA Finals, using the same literal translation of the team mascots to form a fun, panelized version of how the playoffs unfolded this year.

Above you see the Western Conference Finals represented by the “Warrior” with “Grizzly” bear skins and “Pelicans” feathers around his biceps awaiting an oncoming “Rocket” that’s just gotten done with a downed “Clipper” ship and has a “Maverick” horseshoe on its side.

For the Eastern Conference Finals, we’ve got a “Cavalier” with a “Celtic” shillelagh in it’s left hand and a “Bull” horn dangling from his waist squaring off against a diving “Hawk” with strung “Nets” around its body and a “Wizard” cap in its talons.

Then there were only two teams left…

Then there was only one.

Re-Live the entire 2015 NBA Playoffs with the artist’s mascot renderings.