The Warriors Exploded For The League’s First 50-Point Quarter Since 2014

Heading into halftime of Thursday’s game between Golden State and Los Angeles, the Clippers held a 61-49 lead.

Then, the Warriors did a whole bunch of Warriors stuff, and by the time the fourth quarter started, Golden State held a 99-87 lead. Thanks to a massive 12 minutes from Steph Curry, the Warriors posted the league’s first 50-point quarter since March of 2014.

As we mentioned, part of the reason Golden State was able to do this was the play of Curry, who hit five threes and scored 20 points in the third quarter. It’s hard to pick which of his threes was the most impressive, but it’s either the one at the top of the post, or this long-range bomb that he knocked down despite getting fouled by Raymond Felton.

Curry wasn’t the only Warrior to go off during the quarter – Kevin Durant pitched in 13 points during the period, including this dunk in which he blew past DeAndre Jordan in the air.

Additionally, the Warriors tweeted out the box score from only the third quarter. It’s a work of art, namely the fact that the Warriors were terrifyingly efficient, going 17-for-23 from the field and 9-for-15 from three. Golden State also mauled Los Angeles on the glass, winning the quarter’s rebounding battle 14-3.

Golden State and Los Angeles have legitimate bad blood between one another, partly because the Warriors have won nine games in a row against the Clippers. Emotions are always high when the two teams meet up, and it was really weird heading into halftime because it looked like Golden State was about to lay an egg on their home court.

Then again, as we all know, no one can keep up with the Warriors when they start pouring it on. Thanks to a 50-point quarter, we were reminded of this on Thursday night.