David West Is Having His Warriors Championship Ring Fitted For His Middle Finger For A Good Reason

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Wanting to effectively shut up the haters and naysayers, former Warriors center Andrew Bogut got his 2015 championship ring fitted for his middle finger. Warriors owner Joe Lacob even triumphantly put the ring on Bogut’s middle finger when Golden State received their championship rings at the start of 2015-2016 season. And while Bogut is no longer a member of the Warriors, David West is planning on keeping the Australian center’s tradition going in Golden State.

West however, isn’t getting his championship ring fitted for his middle finger in response to Golden State’s detractors.

He’s mainly doing it because after 14 years in the NBA, West’s fingers are so gnarly that only his middle fingers can properly wear a ring.

“I just finished 14 years,” West said at around the 20-minute mark on a recent episode of the Open Run podcast. “And ironically, the only fingers that I have left that can even fit a ring are both my middle fingers. It couldn’t work out any better. I thought about it like, ‘Damn that’s the type of toll the game takes on you.'”

West did preface his comment by saying that he was joking around, so maybe he actually won’t get his championship ring fitted for one of his middle fingers, but it’s far more fun to believe them.

If the rest of his fingers truly are that beat up, West’s only option is to proudly display his championship ring on one of his middle fingers. And considering the type of career that the rough and tumble West has had, it couldn’t be any more fitting for him to wear his first ever championship ring there.