Draymond Green Believes The Warriors Should Have Four All-Stars

01.13.18 3 months ago

Getty Image

Draymond Green has no problem telling it like it is. Apparently, that includes the fact that he believes four Golden State Warriors deserve a spot in the All-Star Game, just like they did last year.

As next month’s celebration in Los Angeles nears, there’s been lots of talk about the format change and the fact that the league seems afraid to hurt ayone’s feelings in a player draft. Dray’s teammate Kevin Durant says he wants no part in being a captain and making choices about teammates, while Stephen Curry says he’d be happy to be a schoolyard captain.

One thing that’s clear to Green, however, is that all three of the aforementioned Warriors — and Klay Thompson — should be in Los Angeles representing the Dubs in February. He spoke to ESPN on Friday and said any talk about limiting players from a certain team is bunk.

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