Nick Young Schooled Baron Davis With A Nasty Crossover At The Drew League

Gearing up for the season with his new team the Golden State Warriors, Nick Young is staying competitive by playing in the Drew League in Los Angeles. With several former and current players playing at the Drew, the competition is very serious and quite fierce. However Young is still able to set himself apart, mainly by being himself.

This was quite evident at a recent game at the Drew. Showing off the type of talent he has, Young was able to get the best of former NBA All-Star Baron Davis on one head-shakingly good play.

While being closely defended by Davis, Young was able to get some breathing room by hitting the prolific guard with a slick crossover. The crossover caused Davis to falter and lose hit footing, which created the perfect opportunity for Young to sink a stepback jumper as Davis struggled to recover for a contest.

Despite losing his own footing and falling to the court after shooting, Young got back up and celebrated the shot like he just won his team the game. Of course the game was still in progress but that doesn’t matter. Because after all, this was just another example of Young showcasing his swag and living up to his self-imposed nickname of Swaggy P.