2017-2018 Golden State Warriors Preview: Rinse And Repeat

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2016-17 Record: 67-15

Players Added: Nick Young (free agent), Jordan Bell (NBA Draft), Omri Casspi (free agent), Chris Boucher (free agent), Georges Niang (free agent), Michael Gbinjie (free agent)

Players Lost: Matt Barnes (free agent), James McAdoo (free agent), Ian Clark (free agent)

Projected Team MVP: Stephen Curry

I just grabbed a quarter, said “heads I write about Curry, tails I write about Durant,” flipped it, and it came up heads. So the projected MVP is going to be Curry.

That’s really how close it is between these two. Durant is the second-best basketball player on earth and the only person who has a legitimate claim to LeBron James’ throne. Curry isn’t too far behind, but the difference is he is the Warriors’ franchise. Durant’s greatness is transcendent, sure, but Curry’s own transcendent greatness allows the Warriors to be the unstoppable death machine they’ve largely been over the last three years.

So for the team MVP, let’s pick Curry. If Draymond Green is the heart and soul of the Warriors, Curry is the engine that makes the machine go. Everything is built around him — his ability to shoot, his ability to pass, his ability to make plays, whatever. Golden State goes as Curry goes. That makes him the team MVP.

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