Gone By November

07.22.10 8 years ago 78 Comments

Monty Williams and Byron Scott are gonna have a lot to talk about the next time they cross paths. Around the same time ex-Hornets coach B-Scott walked into a job with the Cavs thinking (maybe) he had LeBron James — only to watch him take off for Miami — new Hornets coach Williams was thinking he had Chris Paul on his side. But maybe not for long now. CP3 reportedly wants to be traded ASAP, and would prefer to go to Orlando, New York or the Lakers … Money-wise, Paul has two years left on a deal that pays him about $15 million per, so whoever tries to get him likely won’t be doing it for spare parts. Orlando could pull it off by sending Jameer Nelson and Marcin Gortat to New Orleans; L.A. could do it straight-up for Andrew Bynum; and the Knicks could unload Eddy Curry and throw Kelenna Azubuike in there to make the salaries match. From the Hornets’ end, the Bynum deal looks the most enticing, but then again, they already have Emeka Okafor at center. You could roll out a big-man rotation of Bynum, Okafor and David West and give the Lakers problems — except you just handed L.A. the best point guard in the League … And now we sit back and wait for the same critics who have been bashing LeBron, D-Wade and Chris Bosh (well, just LeBron really) to bash CP3 for wanting to play with other superstars and “taking the easy way out” … On the same day when we put Derrick Rose on top of the list of NBA stars who will never leave their original teams, D-Rose confirmed it. “I’m never (leaving). Never,” Rose said at Team USA’s training camp in Las Vegas. Like we said, Rose is a Chicago native who always wanted to play for the Bulls, plus he saw how LeBron got treated when he left Cleveland. Rose doesn’t need that drama in his life, especially when he’s already in a major market that has no problem attracting big-time free agents … Josh Powell is reportedly close to a deal with the Hawks. If ATL brings in Powell, a big man who has championship experience and won’t really play big minutes, doesn’t that nullify their need for Shaq? … Good under-the-radar move by the Thunder, signing Royal Ivey yesterday. Ivey is inexpensive and he won’t play much behind Russell Westbrook, Eric Maynor, Thabo Sefolosha and James Harden, but he is one of Kevin Durant‘s buddies from the University of Texas. Ivey didn’t play at UT with KD, but the two of them work out together in Austin over the summer. Little moves like that keep your superstar happy and don’t cost you too much. Be afraid, though, OKC fans: Another of Durant’s alumni buddies is T.J. Ford … You notice how every free agent has the same list of teams allegedly interested in them? The Lakers and Heat make everybody’s list, then throw in the team they last played for, maybe another title contender, then another random team that has a lot of cap room. For example, both T-Mac and Larry Hughes claim the Lakers and Heat are on them, and Hughes includes the Celtics (contender) and Bobcats (team he last played for), while McGrady mentions the Bulls (cap space) and Clippers (cap space). You could ask Michael Olowokandi which teams are calling him right now and we bet he’d say Miami, L.A., Boston (last team) and New York (cap space) … One guy who actually is on Miami’s radar is Carlos Arroyo. Last we heard he’s on his way to Miami to sign a contract later today. So if we’re officially looking at Mario Chalmers and Arroyo as the PG’s, with maybe undrafted rookie Jon Scheyer in the mix, are we sure D-Wade or LeBron shouldn’t get a crack at running the point? … We’re out like CP …

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