Google Is Doing Some Trolling By Listing LaVar Ball As The NBA’s Founder

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LaVar Ball is many things. He’s a father, an entrepreneur, and a bit of a free spirit. He’s rivals with countless people, including the president of the United States, and while he is starting his own basketball league in his bid to eventually take over the world, he’s not exactly old enough to have started the National Basketball Association.

But we live in strange times where facts don’t matter, especially if you talk to the right (wrong?) people. However, one thing you’d like to be able to trust is the objective nature of Google, but that appears to not be the case anymore. If you try to use Google to discover who founded the NBA, it’s going to tell you that LaVar Ball played a part in it.

Curious searchers discovered this week that if you Google “NBA Founder,” Google’s auto-answer function in its search engine gives you the answer of “LaVar Ball,” complete with an image of the Big Baller himself which has delighted the internet.


We’re not sure exactly what’s going on here, or how these answers exactly populate. But it appears that Google might just be having a bit of fun. Though at times this summer it did seem like Ball was the end all, be all of the NBA, he definitely did not invent the league.

He is, however, starting a rival league to thwart the NCAA. Maybe that’s where the confusion comes in, or perhaps some employees at Google like to troll NBA fans. In any case, the Big Baller takeover of the basketball world appears to be accelerating at a more rapid pace than anyone expected.

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