Goran Dragic Gives Us A Look Inside What Makes The Miami Heat’s Culture So Unique

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Goran Dragic has logged a whole lot of miles during his basketball playing career. Dragic played for three clubs in his home country of Slovenia, three NBA teams, and a pair of organizations in Spain dating back to when he first became a professional in 2003. As a player, there are few in the league who can hold a candle to the Miami Heat guard when it comes to gaining experience all over the world.

So when it comes to what makes the culture in Miami so unique in the world of hoops, there aren’t many people better to ask that Dragic.

We did just that when we sat down with the first-time All-Star during a meet-up with fans through the NBA Store and Fanatics in New York City. He also discussed the team’s revered City Edition uniforms from Nike, what it was like getting Dwyane Wade back in South Beach, and making his first All-Star team this far along in his NBA career.

We hear so much about the Miami Heat’s culture. You’ve played all over the place in your career, how is it unique in Miami?

It’s really unique. They always want to pressure you a little bit to make you a better player and they challenge you a lot, that’s really unique. We have body fat every five, six days, you need to be in great shape. Basically, no days off. You’re always in the gym, always trying to improve your game, and I like that because if you’re a basketball player, you wanna be the best version of yourself and they’re always there for you 24/7. I feel like this is the right organization for me and for a lot of other players.

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