Report: Suns Owner Robert Sarver Is Intent On Keeping Goran Dragic

If Goran Dragic wants out of the desert, it looks increasingly likely that he’ll have to make the move himself. Despite the reigning All-NBA Third Team honoree publicly confirming his trade request, Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver is reportedly intent on retaining him past today’s 3:00 PM deadline.


Dragic has made it clear that he’d prefer to be dealt to the Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers, or New York Knicks even as Phoenix continues to pursue other trade avenues. That the Slovenian star reportedly cares not for retaining his Bird Rights and an extra year of security on his next contract, though, seemingly makes it more difficult for the Suns to deal him to a team that isn’t on his wish list.

Via Sam Amick of USA Today:

But according to a person with knowledge of his situation, the fifth year is not a factor for Dragic as he weighs his uncertain future. Dragic has been smart with his money, it seems, and the allure of the extra guaranteed year is not expected to have any sway on his free agency decision.

Even if Phoenix can’t find a trade they deem appropriate for parting with Dragic, holding onto him doesn’t make much sense. He’s made abundantly clear that the Suns stand no chance in free agency, and sign-and-trades are especially difficult waters to navigate under the current CBA. Should Phoenix keep Dragic now, there’s a good chance the team will lose him for nothing come July.

Wouldn’t taking Miami’s offer of two future first-round picks, for instance, be a preferable alternative?

We certainly think so – the only question now is if Sarver does.


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