Goran Dragic Used An Emoji To Poke Fun At Russell Westbrook’s Shot Attempts

04.20.17 12 months ago 7 Comments

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Goran Dragic, whose name looks and sounds like Dragon but is not, breathed fire all over Russell Westbrook’s performance Wednesday night.

Now, if you’re not like me, a person who immediately understands the meaning and weight that comes with a single emoji tweet, you may have to look up this particular emoji to figure out what the young people are doing here. Well, a flushed face emoji indicates embarrassment. In this case Dragic thinks it’s embarrassing that Westbrook had 51 points on 17-for-43 shooting (along with 10 rebounds and 13 assists) in a 115-111 loss that left his Oklahoma City Thunder in a 2-0 series hole.

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