Gordon Hayward Got ‘Deja Vu’ When Brad Stevens Recruited Him To Boston

10.12.17 2 years ago

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Gordon Hayward‘s reunion with former college coach Brad Stevens with the Boston Celtics has been well-publicized at this point. In fact, it was considered a major factor in his decision to sign with Boston over a team like the Miami Heat, or rejoining the Jazz team he broke into the league with.

It’s probably been a bit lost in Kyrie Irving’s arrival to Boston and his galaxy brain takes about how the universe works, but people in Boston are certainly excited about seeing what Hayward can do now that his former Butler coach is running the show for the Celtics.

Hayward himself has talked about his friendship with Stevens and how familiar he is with his coaching style. In fact, Hayward said it’s a bit eerie to be back with the coach who he went to the NCAA championship game with back in 2010.

“Coach Stevens has been my friend, when he was still at Butler, when he was with the Celtics,” Hayward told Bleacher Report. “Like, I’ve called him before just to say what’s up and to talk.”

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