Gordon Hayward Thinks Boston’s Season-Opener Against The Cavs Will Be An ‘Intense Game’

10.12.17 1 year ago

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Gordon Hayward, like every other NBA person on the planet, is excited for opening night. His new team, the Boston Celtics, will take on the defending Eastern Conference champions. And while Hayward has little history with LeBron James and company, new teammate Kyrie Irving certainly does.

Hayward was the subject of a Bleacher Report feature to get ready for the new season, and he had plenty to say about the first big test of the new-look Celtics. The former Utah Jazz star also talked about the increase in media attention he’s seen since signing with the Celtics in free agency.

But opening night loomed large over the conversation in more ways than one. Will the the new rosters for both teams click? Will it be emotional? And will LeBron James even play? Probably, but it adds that much more intrigue to the night.

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