Utah’s Gordon Hayward Just Owned Colin Cowherd After His Rant About eSports ‘Dorks’

Gordon Hayward, Colin Cowherd
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Bloviating dolt Colin Cowherd was back at it recently, going on one of his rogue™ rants about eSports (basically video games as a sport) after Turner Broadcasting announced a partnership with IMG last Thursday to bring televised gaming to TBS. Cowherd lost it and decided to break out the same pallet of jokes found among John Hughes jocks.

Utah Jazz wing, Gordon Hayward, took offense to the rant, because Hayward is a pretty big gamer — he even joined an IGN pro league for a stretch, and came at the King over his eSkills. Hayward found the allusions to dorks particularly offensive, and busted out the embarrassing older picture to make his case.

Cowherd once threatened his old employer with retirement if they ever got in bed with eSports. He’s also been pretty overtly racist and bigoted on air.

Hayward’s tweet likely won’t provoke much of a response because Cowherd has made a profession out of lobbing stones from a glass house. Now, if Hayward were to do the Dougie while he was owning him on Twitter, Cowherd might speak up.

(via SB Nation)