Gordon Hayward Admits There Were ‘Dark Times’ Following His Ankle Injury

11.10.17 1 year ago

Gordon Hayward has a long road ahead of him as he works back to getting on the court and playing basketball after a severe ankle injury he suffered on opening night.

The trauma of that injury, on national television as the first official game of the NBA season, is something that’s difficult to understand. Few players have suffered an injury that graphic on that stage, and the physical pain of the injury itself is just the start of what Hayward will deal with in the weeks and months ahead.

Paul Pierce sat down with Hayward to discuss the injury and how he’s trying to get back to 100 percent, no small task for an injury as bad as he suffered. He described the initial pain he felt and said his look of calm awas far from what he was feeling.

“I definitely wasn’t calm on the inside,” Hayward said. “I was I think probably in shock more than anything. When you look down and your foot is the wrong way it just doesn’t look right.”

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