Gordon Hayward’s Celtics Decision Leak Sent The Internet Into A Frenzy

07.04.17 10 months ago

Getty Image

Gordon Hayward was set to decide on his free agent future this Fourth of July before someone seemingly spilled the beans too early. The NBA world put their grilling and drinking on hold for a bit to see where Hayward might land after a long courting process with the Miami Heat, Boston Celtics and Utah Jazz.

Many thought that courtship process had officially ended when reports indicated that Hayward was choosing the Celtics. But something went wrong — either the media got word of the decision before Hayward could tell the Jazz or before he actually made his choice.

So Hayward delayed his decision, while the internet was left waiting after it prematurely reacted to Hayward picking the Celtics. Many people think someone in Hayward’s camp screwed up here, especially since the media that reported his move to Boston have stood by that report.

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