Gordon Hayward Says The ‘Hope Is Still There’ He’ll Play This Season

03.09.18 12 months ago

Getty Image

It’s been just over four months since Gordon Hayward went down with a gruesome ankle injury on opening night, which by even the most conservative estimates appeared it would cause him to miss the entire 2017-2018 season.

The rehabilitation process has reportedly been going smoothly, and Hayward has, on multiple occasions, posted videos of himself on social media getting up shots at the gym to show his progression. Some of those, however, have given fans around Boston a false sense of hope that Hayward might return to action as the Celtics anticipate making a real run at the Eastern Conference crown this spring.

Brad Stevens has consistently and vehemently shot down that notion, with no small amount of exasperation in his voice this most recent time around. But Hayward himself isn’t going to make life any easier on his head coach with his most recent comments on the matter, during which he admits he still has a glimmer of hope that he might return before the season’s over.

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