Gordon Hayward’s Injury Has An Updated Diagnosis, And He’s Flying Back To Boston

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The entire NBA is rallying around Boston Celtics forward Gordon Hayward on the heels of what was a gruesome injury during the team’s season opener against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Immediately following the injury, both LeBron James and Isaiah Thomas went to the opposing locker room to check on their colleague and, while the entire league holds its breath for the best possible result on Hayward’s ankle, an official diagnosis has come to light.

First, word broke that there was cautious optimism with regard to the severity of the injury, in it being reportedly a clean break that did not include ligament damage.

That news was also reported by Celtics’ play-by-play man Mike Gorman.

Hayward, rather than going to a hospital in Cleveland, was being flown back to Boston tonight to get further medical attention and evaluation there.

Then, Celtics head coach Brad Stevens revealed to the assembled media that Hayward has been diagnosed with a dislocated ankle and a fractured tibia.

Stevens indicated that Hayward will head “straight to the hospital” after returning to Boston but, at this point, the absence of any ligament damage would be the best-case scenario. Until an MRI is completed and there is a full work-up done, it is premature to speculate as to specifics from the outside looking in but, in the same breath, a diagnosis now exists and the situation will be closely monitored in the coming hours and days.