Gordon Hayward’s Decision To Join The Celtics Is Bringing Out Pettiness And Anger In Jazz Fans

07.05.17 11 months ago

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It finally happened. Since LeBron James left Cleveland the first time, we’ve been waiting for that one fan base that would grossly overreact to a player leaving via free agency, and by god have the fans, media, and some members of the Utah Jazz put the salt in Salt Lake City.

Where do we start? I guess with the saddest passive aggressive shot that one come up with Rudy Gobert’s Instagram sendoff to Chris Brown’s “Loyal.” If we’re honest, there are teenage boys who handle breakups in a far more mature manner than Gobert. Rubio only tweeted out an emoji in his disappointment, thus showing he had more emotional depth than your typical child’s swimming pool.

Gordon Monson of the Salt Lake Tribune had some thoughts about Hayward’s departure as well.

“People around here only got bits and pieces of the whole,” Monson wrote. “Over the past seven seasons, we saw the ups and downs. And then the steady climb. We saw the improved shooting, the swelling confidence, the broadening shoulders, the Kobe-style body language that screamed to anyone watching that the kid from the Midwest had grown all up.”

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