NBA Trade Rumors Everywhere: Updates on Amar’e, Jamison, Camby, the Blazers, and more

02.16.10 9 years ago 47 Comments

With a day off in between the All-Star Game and the continuation of the NBA schedule, Monday was a time for trades, post-trade fallout, and trade rumors … As we wrote this column, the Blazers and Clippers were reportedly very close to closing a deal that would send Marcus Camby to Portland for Travis Outlaw and Steve Blake. The Blazers have to do something to cover the hole left at center by Greg Oden and Joel Przybilla‘s injuries, because going into the playoffs with Juwan Howard starting in the middle is just asking for a first-round exit. Thanks to the emergence of Martell Webster and Jerryd Bayless as legit NBA players this season, Outlaw and Blake are expendable, so this would work out well for them. The Blazers’ slower-paced system is based on valuing possessions and keeping the opponents’ score low, and a rebounder/shot-blocker like Camby would help preserve possessions and protect the rim on D … Following the Caron Butler trade, the Wizards may not be done blowing up their operation. Antawn Jamison is still popular in trade rumors, with the Cavs looking like the most likely destination in exchange for Big Z and J.J. Hickson. But according to some reports, Jamison is only a last-resort for Cleveland in case they can’t get Amar’e Stoudemire for that same Ilgauskas/Hickson package. If you’re running the Cavs and you can make either move, you have to do it, but it kind of sucks that Ilgauskas has given everything to the franchise and now won’t be around when/if they finally win a championship … Troy Murphy could also wind up in Cleveland as a last-last resort, but reportedly the Pacers would want more than just Z and Hickson, and Corey Maggette‘s name has also been tied to the Cavs. Part of us wants to see Maggette sharing the court with LeBron, just to see if he’d still pull his same “I’m obviously the best player on the court” act when any sane person would know he’s not … A lot of people figured Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince would have been traded way before February, but it seems neither of them is leaving Detroit, and now Ben Wallace is the one drawing interest. The Nuggets are said to be the main suitor. Yeah, Big Ben basically an older, shorter Birdman, but he’s actually been better than Birdman this year. Plus he brings the championship experience and the chemistry with Chauncey. Denver is also in the market for Tyrus Thomas, which would make them officially the NBA’s scariest “Getting off the bus in a ritzy neighborhood” team ever … Nate Robinson is a name we heard thrown around in trade rumors over the All-Star break, but the New York Daily News is saying Nate (who has to agree to any trade this year) would only approve of a deal that sent him to a contender: Boston, Orlando, the Lakers, etc. Would any of those teams even be interested in a 5-8 version of J.R. Smith? … Serious question: Doesn’t Nate now have to be in the discussion as one of the greatest dunkers of all-time? We’re not saying he’s ‘Nique or even Drexler, but Nate is the only player with three dunk contest titles. It’s like if you’re ranking the best home-run hitters of all-time, you have to include Sammy Sosa. Maybe you think he was on ‘roids, maybe you think he used a corked bat more than once, maybe his numbers were inflated due to the small ballpark/juiced ball era, but it says right there in the record book that Sosa is 6th all-time with 609 homers … We’re out like Hickson …

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