Duke’s Grayson Allen Blew Past A Defender In Mid-Air Before A Massive One-Handed Dunk

Grayson Allen has the reputation of being that one Duke player who everyone really, really hates. He doesn’t exactly help his cause, but the fact that he’ll act like a “bad guy” takes away from the fact that he can ball out.

For example, Duke is taking on UNLV on Saturday. Early in the first half, Allen got the ball at the three-point line while the Blue Devils were in transition. He dribbled once before deciding to take off as he got into the paint. Anyone who has followed Allen since high school knows that the dude can sky, but this was still an ambitious attempt by the guard.

Allen did not care. He blew past UNLV’s Dwayne Morgan in mid-air while going up for a one-handed jam. This happened so quickly that Allen actually looked like he was going to fly past the rim, so he adjusted to finish with authority. The only issue was he was going so fast that he hit the deck hard after the play.

He was ok – Allen got right back up almost immediately. The Duke fans in attendance went wild, because even the most fervent Allen hater has to admit that this was awesome.