Green Giants

05.29.10 9 years ago 36 Comments

Between Ron Artest in L.A. and Nate Robinson in Boston, apparently there’s something to be said for having a slightly off-kilter firecracker on your roster if you’re trying to win an NBA championship. Just ask the guys who won rings with Dennis Rodman and Stephen Jackson … Checking into last night’s Celtics/Magic Game 6 after Rajon Rondo crashed to the floor and hurt his back late in the first quarter, Nate turned a game that was still competitive into a blowout. Nate dropped a three, dimed Kevin Garnett for an old-man dunk, then hit another three to put Boston up 15. A couple minutes later he stole a bad Vince Carter pass and drew a flagrant foul — one of those classic bad calls where the offensive player’s landing was worse than the actual foul — made the free throws, stuck another jumper, hit a baseline fadeaway over White Chocolate, and added another free throw. By the time Nate (13 pts) was done, it was a full-fledged 20-piecing and the C’s were on their way to the NBA Finals … The defining Nate Robinson play didn’t even result in a bucket. In the second quarter Nate got into the lane and with all of his 5-foot-8, was dead serious trying to dunk on Dwight Howard‘s dome. He didn’t think twice about it. Dwight (28 pts, 12 rebs) was forced to foul and the Boston crowd was loving it … Or maybe the Celtics’ token crazy guy is Garnett. Did you see him bashing Dwight’s forearm like he was having a UFC nightmare? That earned KG a seat on the bench three minutes into the game and probably some strong prescription pills at halftime … The second half belonged to Paul Pierce. Anytime Orlando even thought of a comeback, Pierce (31 pts, 13 rebs, 5 asts) would hit another pull-up, a three, or get himself to the line. He’s going into the Finals on a roll, and you don’t have to remind Lakers fans what happened the last time The Truth was on the big stage … How bad was it for the Magic? The Celtics went through a five-minute stretch of the fourth quarter where they didn’t score, and Orlando still couldn’t get the margin under 17 … Terrible e-mail from one of our boys: “Touching tribute by Nate Rob to his idol Gary Coleman. RIP, Arnold.” … Say what you want about Vince Carter (17 pts) this series, but he made a great “Sad Faces Montage” face in the fourth quarter. Next season Orlando is paying Vince $17 million, Rashard Lewis is getting $20 million, and Dwight is getting $16 million. In other words, they have no cap space and will probably lose J.J. Redick in free agency. So if you’re running Orlando, are you confident rolling out basically the same exact team (minus J.J.) next year? What changes would you want to make in the offseason? … Line of the night from Pierce: “I never really think negative about losing, or being up 3-0 and something tragic happening. This is not hockey. It’s basketball.” … WWE’s Friday Night Smackdown was taped in Cleveland. When the wrestler named MVP (cocky athlete gimmick) came out for his match, he stood in front of the announcer table, got some powder and threw it in the air like LeBron. Cute. But you know if MVP wasn’t one of the good guys, they would have had him do the LeBron routine, then bust out a Knicks #23 jersey … We’re out like The Centaur …

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