Greg Oden Actually Looked Pretty Great In His Chinese League Tryout

Take this all with a huge grain of salt since the competition he was facing wasn’t even in the same stratosphere as NBA talent, but Greg Oden actually looked like a dominant big man in his tryout video for the Jinagsu Dragons that was recently uploaded to Youtube.

Oden signed with the Dragons earlier this month and he can be seen in the video doing things like making actual post moves, running the floor, knocking down free throws, and even finishing above the rim on several occasions. Also, none of those things sent him sprawling to the floor in agony.

Oden, of course, was the number one overall pick in the 2007 NBA Draft, one spot ahead of 2014 NBA MVP Kevin Durant. Injuries have prevented him from having any sort of career, as he managed to play in only 105 games in parts of three different seasons with the Blazers and Heat. Along with his injuries, Oden has had his share of personal problems that pre-emptively ended his NBA career (for now at least).

However, if he can maybe put up big numbers in China without getting hurt, it’s at least possible that a team in need of depth at center will bring him back later this season or next year. Oden’s knee can be seen braced up in the video as he stretches it out and even tests it out in some drills, and it didn’t appear to hinder his game much at all.

With that being said, it will take a lot more than a five-minute video for Oden to not only prove he can still play at a high level, but that he can manage to go a full season without hurting himself.

(video via HDXposure; H/T reddit)