Greg Paulus’ next move: college football

04.15.09 10 years ago 42 Comments

By now you’ve heard about Duke point guard Greg Paulus‘s tryout with the Green Bay Packers to play quarterback. But before Paulus goes pro, the former high school All-American is getting a crack at playing college football for a year.

Duke football coach David Cutcliffe said he’s willing to let Paulus try out for the team, only he’ll have to be a receiver, not a quarterback. The Blue Devils are just wrapping up spring practices, and Cutcliffe said he and Paulus have talked “extensively” about the 6-1, 180-pound senior playing.

“He’s a quarterback at heart, but there was no way he was going to be able to compete and play quarterback for us,” Cutcliffe told ESPN. “I think that was the deciding factor. Prior to our last six practices, I was going to try to get him out, give him a chance to work at slot receiver. He’s a fierce competitor, a great young man. He’s been a tremendous basketball player.”

There’s another twist, though. Cutcliffe could be talking in past-tense because Paulus reportedly may transfer to another school to play football. He’s been seen on the campus at Michigan, where the Wolverines’ spread offense is more conducive to Paulus playing QB than Duke’s pro-style offense.

If you’re wondering how much eligibility Paulus has after he just played four years of D-1 basketball, here’s the best explanation from what I gathered:

College athletes are granted 10 semesters of eligibilty to play sports, or basically five years total, but only four per sport. Four years of basketball equals eight semesters, so Paulus should have one year left to play another sport. Paulus never used his basketball redshirt, so he’d have one more year of eligibility if he stays at Duke or transfers. At least that’s how I think it goes. If you have a better explanation, please feel free to share. One way or another, Paulus can apparently play football next year if he wants.

So if you’re in his position, what do you do? You can…

(A) play WR at Duke, likely as a backup
(B) play QB at Michigan, likely as a backup
(C) start your pro basketball career overseas or in the D-League
(D) take that Duke education and get some cushy job through a Blue Devils booster.

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