Gregg Popovich’s Caustic Response When Asked About Colin Kaepernick At The Wrong Time

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If you haven’t heard or read words about Colin Kaepernick lately, it’s likely because you don’t read this website or any other. The San Francisco 49ers quarterback has ignited heated conversation throughout the American sporting world with his sit-down protests of the National Anthem at every game he suits up for. The movement has spread from Kaepernick through to many other corners of the league, and with the NBA season looming, protests are expected there as well.

As a leader of what’s consistently the most diverse team in the league, in the midst of sports taking on these massive dialogues about racial politics, some reporters have begun to ask San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich how he intends to handle the matter. In this typically gruff manner, though, Pop has dodged the question and accused said reporters of unprofessionalism.

And, well, when you ask him about it a charity event, maybe you should expect that kind of attitude.

“We are here giving out shoes to kids, and you ask that?” Popovich said to a reporter while giving out shoes to kids with Spurs point guard Patty Mills, according to Buck Harvey of the San Antonio Express-News. “Are you trying to be like Mike Wallace or something? You got yourself confused with David Brinkley. Does anybody else have a sensible question that fits the occasion?”

Popovich is one of the many thoughtful, compelling voices we’ll look to as America’s most progressive of the mega-rich team sports leagues begins its new year. For now, all we’re sure of is that his manners with the media haven’t changed.

(via San Antonio Express-News)