Gregg Popovich And Cornel West Teamed Up To Send A Message Of Hope To The Youth

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When the results of the presidential election came in, many around the NBA weren’t shy about voicing their displeasure with the outcome. Spurs coach Gregg Popovich was one of those people. He railed against everything Donald Trump stands for and feared the long-term effects that his brand of moral and ethical bankruptcy might have on the younger generation.

But instead of being content with criticism, Pop has decided to be proactive. That’s why last month he hosted a community forum with Dr. Cornel West designed to reach out to young people in the San Antonio area. At the event, West and Popovich sent a clear message to the students from Sam Houston High School who were in attendance. Via Dave Zirin of The Nation:

“We’re here so you’ll understand that you can overcome obstacles by being prepared and if you educate the hell out of yourself. If you become respectful, disciplined people in this world, you can fight anything. If you join with each other and you believe in yourself and each other, that’s what matters. That’s what we want to relay to you all: that we believe that about you or we wouldn’t be here.”

Popovich’s comments were in response to a rather light-hearted question from one student who asked whether the Spurs would win the championship this year. West’s response echoed Pop’s sentiment, and he praised the coach for having his priorities in order:

“This is what makes brother Popovich not just a great coach but a great human being. There are not that many coaches who would say what he just said. He wants to win a championship, but as a human being, he wants to make sure that all the young people live lives that matter. That’s what it means to be a great person, not just a great basketball player or coach. That’s true for everyone sitting around here. No matter how much money they have or don’t have, it depends on what kind of human being they are. Are they choosing integrity, honesty, and decency or are they choosing trickery? That’s fundamental.”

Popovich reportedly planned and organized the whole event, which also include he and West doing a rendition of “Soul Man.”

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