Gregg Popovich Is Statistically A Huge Fan Of Early Timeouts

03.19.18 1 year ago

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During his Hall of Fame career, Phil Jackson was notorious for his unconventional coaching methods. He loved to make his players do yoga and meditation and read esoteric books on philosophy and self-actualization, and he rarely hesitated to leverage the media to send not-so-subtle messages to his team when he felt they were underperforming.

He was also a big fan of forcing his players to fight through rough stretches during games instead of calling timeouts to regroup. Gregg Popovich is in many ways the antithesis of Jackson and his enigmatic tactics, but none more so than in his strategy toward timeouts.

Not only is Pop prone to call a quick timeout soon after tipoff if his players aren’t executing their game plan effectively, he’s approaching record-breaking proportions in that department.

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