Gregg Popovich Got Ejected One Minute Into The Game In Denver

Getty Image

The Spurs visited Denver on Wednesday night to take on the Nuggets in a matchup between playoff teams out West, but apparently Gregg Popovich wasn’t particularly interested in being involved for very long.

Popovich, who before the game praised Nuggets coach Mike Malone as the deserved Coach of the Year this season, made the executive decision to get himself tossed 63 seconds into the game. The Spurs fell behind 5-0 in the first minute of the game and Pop proceeded to call a timeout, which is a patented move of his when he doesn’t like the team’s effort or energy.

However, this time he also appeared to have an issue with the officials performance early as he got onto the ref, earning a technical. He wasn’t satisfied with that, following the ref around demanding satisfaction, and ultimately picked up his second tech and was sent for an early visit to the locker room.

It’s the second time in three games that Pop’s gotten himself tossed, but this may set a new record for fastest ejection in his career. Whether this was premeditated or he simply was so mad about early calls that he chose to get tossed, Pop will have plenty of time to explore Denver on this fine Wednesday evening while the Spurs try to erase that early deficit.