Craig Sager’s First Interview Of The Season With Gregg Popovich Is Exactly What You Expected

A piece of advice: Get some tissues handy, because this one is a tearjerker.

Due to his battle with leukemia, Craig Sager hasn’t been able to interview coaches during games for the better part of two seasons. But the beloved reporter has been back on the sidelines since the 2015-16 season tipped off, and finally got to question his favorite adversary, Gregg Popovich, on Thursday night.

The result was at once touching and hilarious.

You’ll recall that Pop, in absolutely heartwarming fashion, promised to be nice to Sager in May 2014. He…sort of followed through on the promise, but it’s not like he gave Sager any revelatory answers, either. This actually wasn’t the first true reunion of the dynamic duo. Sager and Pop shared a pre-game hug in the visiting locker room, and it was no less emotional than their “official” reunion.

Now that we’ve had our first Pop/Sager interview, the season can officially begin.