Gregg Popovich Doesn’t Have Time For A Coaching Beef With The Warriors’ Mike Brown

Gregg Popovich knows Mike Brown was joking, but he’s got no time for drama as the San Antonio Spurs get ready for the Golden State Warriors.

The acting Warriors head coach said on Friday that he could take Popovich in a fight, something that got a laugh out of both Brown and the media. Asked about it on Saturday, Popovich was less than jovial about the whole ordeal.

Before we begin, this is the quote that Pop will get asked about here.

OK, now to that big beautiful beef footage.

Popovich tries hard not to say anything about Brown’s comments, but he’s pressed by reporters and eventually gives a response.

“I don’t really listen to anything you guys say,” Popovich said when first asked. A reporter said it was Brown who said it, not the reporters.

“I know, he said it to you and you repeat it and I don’t hear it,” Pop replied.

The reporter admitted that he’s trying to get a response out of him about it, which Popovich acknowledged and then said the reporter could “start over” and ask again. Brown’s line is repeated—that Pop’s “like 70” so Brown could take him.

After listening carefully, Popovich gave his official response.

“Sixty-eight,” Popovich said, correcting his age. “Those two years are important.”

Everyone involved here is joking and knows it’s in good fun, but Pop still gives a good line about the storylines that develop in the buildup to playoff series.

“None of this is a question of intimidation. Or this coach against that coach. It’s all malarkey.”

Unless, of course, Popovich was calling out former Buffalo Bills and current Tennessee Titans coach Mike Mularkey. In that case, we got a real coaching beef going now.