Steve Kerr’s Son Is On The Spurs’ Staff, And Gregg Popovich Doesn’t Trust Him ‘A Lick’

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It’s not hard to see some of the ways Gregg Popovich has influenced Steve Kerr. The two never coached together, but Kerr spent the end of his NBA career in San Antonio. And while he isn’t nearly as grumpy as Popovich can be at times, Kerr’s emphasis on team basketball and his ability to speak eloquently on things that have nothing to do with hoops seems Pop-esque at times.

Steve isn’t the only member of the Kerr family who has spent time learning the game from Popovich. His son, Nick, is a video coordinator with the organization. With the two teams facing off on Saturday night, Nick’s unique role in the rivalry was in the spotlight, partly because Popovich thought it’d be fun to bust his chops.

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