H.S. Hoop Diary: Shabazz Muhammad visits UNC/Kentucky and Louisville

12.08.10 8 years ago

Shabazz Muhammad was the breakout high school star of the summer. The 6-5 wing from Las Vegas was already rising through the rankings before he averaged 32 points per game on the AAU circuit, but now his name is one of the hottest on the prep scene.

Now every school from North Carolina to Kentucky to Duke is in pursuit of Muhammad, a junior who is ranked 8th overall in the High School Hoop national Top 50. Muhammad has agreed to give HSH and Dime exclusive access by chronicling his thoughts in a regular diary where he’ll keep everyone updated on his high school season and the recruiting process. Here’s an excerpt from his latest entry:

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… I visited North Carolina again last weekend for their game against Kentucky. That was my first Carolina game, and my dad and I were very impressed. The arena was really alive and the fans were great! Both schools are recruiting me and I got a chance to watch them in-person, so it was like a two-for-one with that visit. That was why I picked that game to go to.

Just to watch Coach (John) Calipari and Coach (Roy) Williams go head-to-head was a great experience. It allowed me a chance to see what each program had to offer up close. I didn’t get a chance to talk to Coach Calipari because I wanted to wait until I got back home to talk with him, just out of respect for North Carolina. I wanted to give them my full attention while I was on their campus.

I spent a lot of time with Coach Williams and the team while I was there. I learned a lot about what all they would have in store for me if I were to come there in the future. They basically said that there’s a lot of freedom in the offense and Coach Williams pointed out how they push the ball. He told me that the last thing he wants to do is set up a play. He just wants to run. So they said a lot of the things that I wanted to hear. It was just a great experience for me. North Carolina really takes care of you when you go up there. I had a ball! …

… I went to Louisville a few weeks back and that was also a great experience. The atmosphere was different there. It was my first time being in Kentucky and I really liked it! The YUM Center was just amazing! It was off the charts! Then, of course getting a chance to talk with Coach (Rick) Pitino was a great experience. He really lets his guys run and that Big East is definitely nothing to play with! I like having competition every night, so that’s appealing.

I’m definitely aware that people feel like after two visits to North Carolina that I’m favoring them. I understand why people say that, but my dad and I are trying to gather as much information as we can on these visits and I’m gonna take as many visits as it takes to gather the most information. With that being a game against two schools that I’m high on, I thought it was a great chance to go and see what each schooled offered in person.

I wouldn’t say that I’m favoring North Carolina over the other schools, but I am feeling them a lot. I’m also feeling Kentucky and Duke and Louisville and Memphis and UCLA … I like a lot of the schools on my list! I’m just continuing to get to know the coaches better and gathering all of the information that I can to move forward with the process.

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