See Hannibal Buress Convince A Kid To Say Mike Dunleavy Is Better Than Michael Jordan

We’ve seen Hannibal Buress do a show in the New York City suburbs for our birthday and it was a really great present. He only told one Bill Cosby joke that night, and it was primarily to poke fun at all the brouhaha over his initial Bill Cosby bit. But the Broad City actor and Why? With Hannibal Buress star is just as funny when he’s messing with little kids, like in the video above.

On top of how adorable the whole scene is, Buress is also playing with all the MJ adulation that we in basketball are guilty of, especially when it comes to comparing him to contemporary players. Yeah, Hannibal’s comedy is layered, Joe.*

Anyways, Mike Dunleavy probably isn’t better than Michael Jordan, but it’s totally cool if you think he is. Also, empirically speaking, there’s no real way to know for sure, so this little kid can’t be proven 100 percent wrong. Plus, Dunleavy, aka “The Natural,” is a gangster according to teammate Taj Gibson, and he is pretty tough. Plus, he signed a nice three-year deal this summer to remain in Chicago; although, we doubt there will be many favorable MJ comparisons without the incessant prodding of Hannibal.

*We’ve been told that in Chicago they use the colloquial “Joe” instead of “Yo” as a way to punctuate a statement.

(Video via Joseph Park; H/T Chicago Sun-Times)