Happy Birthday, Deron Williams! Here Are The 10 Nastiest Crossovers Of His Career

Happy 29th birthday to Brooklyn Nets guard Deron Williams. D-Will may have lost a step or two over the past few years while battling injuries, but if the second half of this season was any indicator, he can still play at an extremely high level. He posted 22.9 points and 8.0 assists per game on 48 percent shooting after the All-Star break. Hopefully, that is a sign of things to come for Brooklyn.

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Out of all his skills and tendencies, maybe Williams’ most recognizable asset is his ridiculous killer crossover that has been putting opponents on watch since his debut in 2004. When he’s not taking out Knicks fans, he’s one of the best in the game at ankle-breaking. To celebrate his birthday, we decided to put together a list of his best crosses over the course of his career…

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10. Matt Barnes Double-Crossover
Barnes is looked at as one of the better, peskier defenders in the league, but D-Will is able to shake him off with a patented double-crossover.

9. BKN Cross Against Cavs
Williams freezes the entire Cavalier defense after pulling a disgusting move on Shaun Livingston. This was one of his only three regular season dunks this year, so we find it fitting it came after a cross like that.

8. Cross And Poster On Joel Anthony
Back as a member of the Jazz and before the Heat added the Big Three, Williams was able to tear their interior to shreds. Here, he blows past defenders with his dribble move and then throws down on Joel Anthony.

7. Making Rondo Look Silly
It’s pretty hard to make Rajon Rondo look lost on defense, but this crossover knows no limits. D-Will nearly makes the Celtics guard fall on his backside with one of his smoothest shakedowns ever.

6. Breaks Hinrich’s Ankles
Friends don’t let friends get crossed over. But that’s exactly what the Bulls let happen to Kirk Hinrich, leaving him one-on-one in plenty of space against Williams. D-Will makes them pay, causing Hinrich to stagger backwards about five feet.

5. Spectacular Move And Finish Versus Lakers
Williams puts Derek Fisher on ice skates here, and then tiptoes the perimeter to sink a floater and draw a foul. It’s this kind of spectacular play that makes D-Will one of the most exciting guys to watch.

4. Williams Confuses Toney Douglas And Drops A Three
Either D-Will just took Douglas to school or he pulled the, “Hey, look over there” tactic, just completely turning the defender around before burying a long-ball.

3. Tony Allen Double-Crossover
When you catch arguably the best perimeter defender in the NBA leaning, obviously you’re doing something right. He’s even able to draw a three-point foul as Allen tries to overcompensate.

2. Breaking Jacque Vaughn’s Ankles
Here, D-Will does a number on the current Magic head coach back in the 2007 Western Conference Finals.

1. A Nasty Double-Cross On D-Fish
Can anybody tell me why Fisher is wearing a headband? I’m surprised it didn’t fly off after Williams blew by him. D-Fish is no stranger to Williams’ moves, so even when you might see it coming, there’s still no way to stop it.

Who has the nicest crossover in the NBA?

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