Happy Birthday Derrick Rose!

In the wake of his 24th birthday, let’s pay homage to one of the best athletes to play in our league today – Derrick Rose.

Rose is one of the most humble athletes, and he’s the embodiment of what we all want to see in our favorite athletes. He doesn’t shy away from being a model citizen for our youth. He embraces it. When you think about it, how many athletes can you name that gave a hefty amount of credit to everyone else but themselves – including his mom – at his MVP press conference?

He mentioned that he asked the question “Why not?” when asked if he could be the MVP of the league. In his press conference he addressed that just to make sure he didn’t come off as arrogant or narcissistic.

I think Rose’s quiet confidence is something that everyone wants to have. That’s what captivates us so much when talking about Rose. He’s a very, very good player but he doesn’t throw that in anyone’s face. He lets his play talk for him. He’s a competitor, but won’t allow his competitive edge to overtake him. He wants to win but won’t go throw everyone else under the bus to get there.

At the end of the day, Rose’s personality and his likability are something that we wish all of our friends could possess, and even ourselves at times. Rose possesses a heart of gold and epitomizes how competitors should behave.

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Not too long ago, Rose had a press conference for the launch of his new shoe, the D Rose 3. Rose broke down in tears because of what he has accomplished and where he’s going. He felt honored to have the support system that he does.

When you think of a shoe release, that’s normally a moment where there are no tears. There’s normally joy because of monetary ambition.