Happy Birthday, Iman Shumpert! His 23 Most Stylish Moments

Iman Shumpert has a comfort level for being brazen with his clothes, something not uncommon in today’s NBA. Shumpert just finished his second year in the NBA and did so after recovering from an ACL tear he suffered during Game 1 of the playoffs in 2012. Shumpert was able to find his groove by the end of this season and that wound up paying huge dividends during the playoffs. Playing spectacular defense, grabbing six rebounds per game and shooting 42.9 percent from three-point range during the postseason are all signs that Shumpert is continuing to progress as a player.

In honor of Shumpert’s 23rd birthday, we compiled a list of some of his raps, clothing styles, and his sneakers. Here are his 23 most stylish moments.

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23. Attractive women, cars, and an outfit to boot.
When you have a full entendre of those three things you really can’t lose.

22. Timberlands
These are probably the most interesting Timberlands I’ve ever seen. The custom design by Shumpert shows off some of his creativeness when designing shoes.

21. Swag and Sinbad
A lot is going on in this picture so I’ll give the readers a second to process. Okay. It’s hard to choose the flashier of the two but I know Shumpert has him beat on the chains.

20. adidas Commercial
This commercial has been running for a few months but the emphasis on color and music makes this perfect for Shumpert. He’s also joining Von Miller and Damian Lillard in a group of “upcoming stars.”

19. Backpack and a shirt
I was confused for a while thinking that the backpack was floating but then I realized that it was flying. It made a lot more sense.

18. Dinosaurs aren’t just for little kids
If I had this shirt in third grade, I would have easily been the coolest kid in the class. If I had this shirt during my junior year at college, I could have gotten into any party I wanted. Sigh.

17. He is ’90s to the bone
Getting respect from Gerald of the TV show “Hey Arnold” is probably the highest form of flattery that Shumpert can receive from an animated TV character. The flat top is one in a million.

16. 21 Shump Street
It looked like it may have been theme night for whatever party Shumpert was planning on attending. The sneakers have the classic black and white combination that matches not only his watch but also his backpack. The 21ShumpSt logo inside the shoe is a really cool addition.

15. Futuristic Kicks
I was hoping he might have an ode to Marty McFly in this picture, but I suppose a shoutout to a fellow fallen comrade was equally important. These sneakers are interesting because I haven’t seen many sneakers that have a low cut coupled with the color choice.

14. A bit dapper
I thought this was one of his better looks. Pretty much straight-up business casual but the color choices complement each other well. The most underrated part of his outfit was the brown tie clip that matches the handkerchief.

13. An Outfit and a Half
The pants might take up most of your attention, probably deservedly so, but I found his hat to be really interesting. It looks like a block of art that has a nice mix of color that is kept simplified with a black surrounding.

12. Braving the elements
I’m slightly disappointed that he didn’t protect his ears. Frostbite is a real thing, Iman. Bundle up.

11. The Bow Tie
The bow tie is the right choice for any occasion. It became completely necessary when he threw on the hat. Great hat. Great bow tie. Great outfit.

10. Anarchy
You have to fast forward through some of the beginning before you get to his rapping, but it is worth the wait. Shumpert has a good flow and his confidence is obvious when he starts to rap. The video shooting in the streets of New York City is another indication of his comfort level in the “Big Apple” and how much he seems to enjoy the city.

9. Mickey Mouse Love
The sneakers have an awesome tongue that has the head of Mickey Mouse on it. The watch is pretty unique with a distinct rectangular shape and interesting face. The faded jeans were a nice piece to the outfit.

8. Black and Yellow
I’m surprised we haven’t heard Shumpert attempt to do a “Black and Yellow” remix considering the song spawned thousands of remixes. The sneakers have the distinct adidas large tongue and Shumpert is rocking a blocked out black and yellow shirt. He seems a bit short of arms on the picture on the right, no?

7. #Post90s
The look is really cool and is made even better with the choice of brass knuckles.

6. #All80s
Shumpert is rocking an outfit that belongs to DJ Jazzy Jeff from the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” It is a tough look to pull off but it looks like Shumpert just might have done it.

5. Rookie Rap
Being put on the stage to rap isn’t an easy thing to do but Shumpert started to gain some steam as he went along. Fields might have the better voice but he doesn’t have the same flow as Shumpert.

4. Wings
Macklemore would have paid good money for these as a kid, but it’s a bit late for that. The wings are pretty large but it might have helped him during his rehab.

3. Imitating Coach Woodson
Being known as a jokester makes this even funnier. Mike Woodson has a special relationship with his players and Shumpert seems to be no different.

2. Knicks Anthem
This really was a Knicks theme song and was a fun thing for Shumpert to do. It helped connect him to the fans and was an awesome rap about his teammates.

1. The Flattop
A lot of talk has gone around the NBA about his flattop versus Norris Cole’s flattop. If it were up to me, I would choose Shumpert’s based around his uniqueness and acceptance of the culture behind it. He is becoming better known in the NBA for his flattop but it won’t be long before he starts to get his attention for his style of play.

What do you think?

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