Happy Birthday, Skip 2 My Lou! Watch His 10 Greatest Moves

Rafer Alston aka Skip 2 My Lou is widely considered one of the best streetball players of all time. As a youngster, he built his legend on the playgrounds of New York City, but unlike a majority of his AND1 cohorts, Rafer was able to make the leap to the NBA. He had a respectable journeyman’s career with the Bucks, Nets, Raptors, Rockets, Heat and Magic. (He even made it to the NBA Finals in 2009 with the Magic) Most recently, Alston has been traveling with the Ball Up Streetball Tour. In honor of Skip’s birthday, we bring you some of the most memorable moments of his career.

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For one hot minute, Alston forgot he wasn’t at the Rucker and started dribbling circles around Vujacic.

Rafer’s transition from the playground to the NBA wasn’t always a smooth one. As in the previous video, every now and then his alter ego “Skip” would make an appearance, to varying results.

8. RAFTER Puts D-WADE In A Spin Cycle
He may have caught Wade with an errant elbow on this play, but he still managed to finish off a nice move over Shaq‘s outstretched arms.

7. RAFER Fakes a Behind-the-Back Pass
This is one of the best playground moves of all time that can actually be used in a game. Jason Williams popularized it when he came into the league, but it can be traced all the way back to Pistol Pete, and we’ve seen everyone from Allen Iverson to Rajon Rondo break it out from time to time. Some say it’s a traveling violation, but those people are haters.

6. Behind-the-Back Dribble Fake
As one of the more iconic moments from the AND1 Mixtape Volume 1, we’ve seen a variety of NBA players trot this move out on the fast break to try and freeze their defenders.

5. SKIP Puts the Ball Around People’s Heads
You’d think YouTube would have a mix made up entirely of Skip putting the ball around people’s heads, but alas. Somebody needs to get on that.

4. Whatever this Silliness is
Another of Skip’s iconic moments from AND1 Mixtape Volume 1. He comes barreling down the court, fakes an overhand pass, puts it between his legs mid-stride, and drops a dime off to one of his teammate. Silly.

3. Skip Dancing on People
Sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy watching Skip dancing on his defenders.

2. Skip Throwing the Ball Through People’s Legs
A staple of playground basketball, few things get a crowd more excited than watching a player throw the ball through a defender’s legs.

1. Skip to My Lou Skipping Down the Court
Come on, YouTube. No mix consisting entirely of Rafer Alston skipping down court? I really expected more.

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